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Body Session

Body-sds is a therapy that among other things combines massage, adjustment of joints, breathing techniques and conversation.

Body-sds (Body Self Development’s System) includes physical therapy such as massage and release of tension in muscles and joints. This is done by means of specific massage techniques and gentle adjustment of the joints. The entire body is treated.

During the physical therapy, the Body-sds therapist may ask about the client’s thoughts and feelings. The idea is that when thoughts and feelings are processed, physical tension in the body is released – and vice versa.

The client may also be asked to breath in a particular way during treatment, e.g. breath deeply. A key principle in Body-sds is that breathing is important for the physical and mental well-being. Body-sds therapists therefore advise clients in obtaining a beneficial rhythm and depth of breathing.

Body-sds is a part of a system developed in Denmark and in addition to the actual treatment, it also includes workouts and cleansing processes. Treatment with Body-sds can be implemented alone, i.e. without workouts or cleansing processes.
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Use of Body-sds

According to Body-sds therapists, Body-sds is used for:
• Pain and tension, e.g. in back, shoulder, hip
• Imbalances in the musculoskeletal system, e.g. scoliosis
• Allergy and asthma
• Stress
• Depression, anxiety and trauma
• Problems in bodily functions, e.g. digestion
Body-sds is also used preventively, to built strength and flexibility in muscles and joints as well as topromote and maintain general Health and well-being.
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Michael Carøe is usingr Body-sds
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