Body-sds ~ Body Self Development’s System

We are not chiropractors, physiotherapists, or psychologists. Nor are we doctors, soothsayers, or fitness instructors – or as someone could assume: ”plain massage therapists”. The body therapy used within Body-sds  is quite unique.

Body-sds is short for Body Self Development System – among the world’s most effective therapy and training systems, designed for individuals of our time. With an experience base reaching way back to 1950, we have successfully changed the life of many.

Our focus is body therapy, self-development, health and well-being.

Why Body-sds?

Body SDS stands on four legs: Our Body Sessions (therapy), training, cleanse courses and body therapy education. You can read a lot more about these four on this website.

The overarching purpose is: To help build a healthier, stronger and better integrated individual.

On a daily basis, we relieve a broad spectrum of complaints and conditions. We enhance your health and well-being, supporting you whenever you need to boost your personal performance. We also help when you feel discomfort, or your body complains – and we do so by supporting and enhancing the resources and self-healing functions within your own body.

You have to make a choice – a choice about preventing and healing lifestyle diseases, aches and pains, overload, and about cleansing out unproductive debris, so you can achieve your optimal quality of life.

In Denmark of today, the demands on the individual are on a steady rise, and we all want to conform to a number of unwritten laws and ideals. We all know that pressure, bustle and stress, plus the ingestion of e.g. medicine, alcohol, chemicals, sugar, colourants and bad fats can lodge in our bodies. We can help you cleanse your body of those through Body Sessions, Body SDS training, nutrition counselling, and body cleanse courses.

Our Body Self Development System is recommended by top actors, musicians, singers, artists, élite athletes, and business managers. – Because we make a difference!

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